Distant & Digital will Gather Global Experts to Discuss Top Post-Pandemic Trends in IP Markets and Digitalization of Law

The program of the conference will include four thematic tracks:

Create: Development and creation of intellectual property, promotion of IP rights for its protection; 

Control: Effective use and monetization, the cost and value of IP;

Protect: Markets, competition and rights protection. Investments and export;

LegalTech: Digital solutions for legal practice, lawmaking, and life.

The organizers of the conference are some of the most innovative leaders in the field of IP management and protection in Russia and globally: the IPChain Association, the Federation of Intellectual Property (FIP), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the IPQuorum international communication brand. The co-organizer of the event is the Skolkovo Foundation. 

Government officials, top managers of Russian and international high-tech companies, CEOs of organizations at the front of digitalization will discuss the systemic changes in IP management and legal practice, as well as opportunities for business process optimization brought by faster digital transformation. According to the report published by Veon, digitalization has accelerated tenfold in the first months of 2020 as a result of the pandemic – a force to be reckoned with.

Influential international experts will share their opinions on the topic. Among them – Chief Operating Officer of the Singapore Law Academy (SAL), Executive Director of SAL Ventures Paul Nio, Chairman of the ALTA (Asia Pacific Association of Legal Innovation and Technology) Josh Lee, and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Management Singapore (SMU) Gerald Soh

The focus of the discussion will be the evolution of LegalTech, which brought about better opportunities for optimizing business processes and for acquiring new competencies in digital technologies and legal practice. According to the ZION Market Research, the LegalTech market is expected to reach $37 billion with the CAGR of 35.94% by 2026. These trends cannot be ignored, and the pandemic could become the impetus required to actively implement LegalTech in Russia.

Anton Pronin, Director of Legal Technologies at the Skolkovo Foundation, shared his view on the active growth of the Legal Tech market and the overwhelming importance of the Internet over the past months: “In Autumn we will be able to analyze the first major effects caused by the pandemic in the legal practice, business, and creative industries. Many companies failed to adapt to the changes and had to leave the market. Some companies survived by transforming their business to fit in the new consumption model. For the few lucky ones, the pandemic has become the point of growth, bolstering the demand for high-tech solutions, increasing their customer base, and, ultimately, their revenues. Distant&Digital is a new paradigm and reality to which we dedicate our conference”.

The pandemic has changed the established approaches to how we do business. The traditional models of IP management and legal practice are already experiencing major systemic changes. The Distant & Digital online conference will provide a platform to share real cases that had an impact on different economic sectors during the pandemic. Participants will get a unique chance to evaluate the aftereffects of COVID-19 on the economy in the time of the global recession.

On the eve of the conference, Anton Pushkov, Managing Partner of the Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center, stressed the importance of the topics suggested for the agenda. He expressed his confidence that Distant & Digital would become the cut-off point for positive changes in the fields of IP and LegalTech: “The two trends – Distant & Digital – hold the key to the post-coronavirus era. They dictated the logic and concept of the new format of the conference, which had incorporated IP Academy and Skolkovo LegalTech. We came together to figure out which changes were brought by the New Normal, how business models in creative industries, and the practice of law would change. During two days we plan to bring together over two thousand participants, host over 50 events, invite over 200 experts from Great Britain, Singapore, and the CIS countries”.

The partners of the conference include the European Law Office (partner of the round table), the Skolkovo Foundation (co-organizer and partner of the module), legal firm “Zuykov and partners”, company “Garant” (partner of the master class). Rossiyskaya Gazeta, e-newspaper Copyright.ru, InterMedia news agency, among others, will act as media partners.

Find more about the conference on the officail website https://distant.digital/# and social media on our pages in Facebook and Vkontakte.

The international conference Skolkovo LegalTech is Russia’s biggest LegalTech event. In 2019, under the aegis of the IPChain Association and the FIP, the event was launched in the new form under the title Skolkovo LegalTech Black Edition. The conference brought together the representatives of the leading consulting companies and global experts in business transformation in the LegalTech era. 

Speakers included Commissioner of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights Mikhail Galperin, Chief Operating Officer of the Law Academy of Singapore (SAL), Executive Director of SAL Ventures Ltd Paul Nio, and many others. In 2019, the Skolkovo Foundation partnered for the first time with the IPQuorum communication brand and Forbes Russia magazine.

IP Academy is a new educational format in the IP sphere launched by the Patent School in Skolkovo. The IP Academy became the biggest educational event in Russia and the CIS countries for the wide audiences of IP practitioners, professionals in the industries driven by science and creativity. In 2019, the conference brought together 1500 attendees. It hosted 17 sessions and 74 workshops which gave platforms to over 160 speakers, including Director of the WIPO Russian Office Pavel Spitsyn, Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev, and many others. IP Academy was organized by the Skolkovo Foundation, the IPChain Association, the Federation of Intellectual Property, and the IPQuorum communication brand.